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The Art of Living Dangerously

The Art of Living Dangerously is a new platform whose purpose is to help creative people achieve more sustainable livelihoods.

This feels an urgent task given the profound disruption we are experiencing. Climate change, resource depletion and growing inequality are some of its more visible signs, but the number of people who are trying to earn a living in an environment of increasing unpredictability and insecurity is less visible, increasing in size and range and spanning no end of occupations – including those in arts, culture and creativity.

If you are one of those experiencing this growing ‘precarity’ and are:

  • striving to help make the cultural ecology where you live and work thrive
  • seeking to strengthen your capacity to work in ways that will unleash even more of your creativity toward realising your vision and your goals
  • searching for new ways of capitalising on all your different assets

Then welcome to this community! Join us in finding new ways to work, risk and live so that we can build a more sustainable world for ourselves and for others.

We call this The Art of Living Dangerously!