Working with Channel 4 we developed and launched the website for their new games publishing platform All4Games which built upon Channel 4’s strong success in the mobile gaming market with games published based on existing C4 properties.


All4Games is a platform to generate new properties for Channel 4 based on original concepts by game developers and will harness the experience C4 have in promoting and developing good concepts to make them stand out in a crowded marketplace. The website was developed to explain this approach to game developers in an interesting and innovative way.


Fleet combined illustration, animation, graphic design and web development skills to create a unique approach to explaining this concept digitally, it was key to engage the audience and have the site work across all supported devices. The site needed to also act as a portfolio to showcase games published by All4Games and fit into the family of existing Channel 4 Websites.



The Art of Living Dangerously


The Art of Living Dangerously programme launched on the 24th November 2014. Running over 6 day-long sessions from November 2014 to November 2015, we will be offering a learning programme which will combine “doing” with “dreaming”. We will first concentrate on sharing great skills that you will find useful for the stuff that really bugs you now and then we will move on to looking at how we can all be part of a conversation that may help improve our collective future in Dundee. If you would like to know more or receive an invitation to participate, please email us.


Below you can read the feedback from the first sessions together with Diane and Russell’s talks:


Diane’s Talk

Russell’s Talk

Session Feedback


The second session will be on Wednesday February the 18th in Dundee (venue tbc) and it will focus on a deeper dive into articulating your values in the morning followed by a session in the afternoon which will focus on asset identification and development using the following questions:


• What assets do you hold?
• How have they been created?
• What are the characteristics of those assets?
• What are the challenges associated with those assets?
• What actions could you take to monetise/leverage each of those assets further?
• Are those actions aligned with your values?
• Does your current legal structure help or hinder your capacity to capitalise on those assets?
• Does your current operational structure help of hinder your capacity to capitalise on those assets?




An opportunity to learn new approaches to building more sustainable livelihoods for artists and creative practitioners


  • Are you searching for new ways of increasing your financial independence and resilience?
  • Do you constantly find yourself trying to do too much with too little too often on your own?
  • Would you like to know how you might strengthen your own or your project or organisation’s capacity to work in ways that will unleash even more of your creativity toward realising your vision and your goals?
  • Do you want to help make Dundee’s arts and cultural ecology thrive?

If you feel that finding new answers to any or all of those questions would be relevant to you then participating in Fleet Collective’s inaugural learning programme could be time well spent. The programme, which is free to participants, will run over 12 months starting in November 2014. It has been designed to engage and support three distinct groups who make up the arts and cultural ecology of Dundee:


  • Individual artists and creative practitioners from across the spectrum of arts, culture and the creative industries living and/or working in the City
  • Institutions/organisations in Dundee whose mission is to nurture/support/present their work
  • Public and Private Funders who finance both the above


Content has been informed by the findings of our recent ‘open dialogue’ project “Enquire Within About Everything” which you can read about here: and all the work that Mission Models and Money has been doing around the issue of overextension and undercapitalisation over the last 10 years which you can read about here.

Dundee bid to be the UK City of Culture in 2017, a competition run by the UK government which uses culture and creativity to transform communities. It was an opportunity to remind ourselves what an astonishing place Dundee is, and what remarkable people live and work here.


We Dundee was a way to show the tremendous imagination and enthusiasm of people from all walks of life across the city, and demonstrate the difference that becoming UK City of Culture could have made to us individually and as a city.


Working with Fleet members the city wanted to show the competition judges that there’s more to Dundee than they (or we) might think – that it’s a city full of surprises. We wanted to give them 2,017 reasons to think of us as the best place for the City of Culture to be.


Nesta Creative Enterprise Workbook

Nesta commissioned Fleet member Studio Sparks and Illustrator Jamie Thoms to produce their creative enterprise workbook which provides insight, information and activities to help young creative professionals launch their own freelance business.


The workbook is broken up into 10 different activities and the style reflects and references notes and doodles, post-it’s and highlighter strokes, in order to make the book feel more tactile and relevant to the target audience.


Designed by Paul Sparks with illustrations by Jamie Thoms






A collaborative approach to finding sustainable solutions for the creative community.


This project is an open dialogue facilitated by Fleet Collective to understand the city’s creative community, its micro ecologies and its complex fragility.  In the context of Fleet and using it as a live participant the projects starting point will be to ask how a collective fits into the city’s creative system and what’s its value to it.


  • How does a collective serve the creative community?
  • How does a collective formulate its roll within the city’s new cultural vision?
  • Where can collectives fit, influence and feed into the city’s creative ecology?


This questioning approach can be applied to other creative providers, consumers and facilitators to open the debate about what’s working and what isn’t.


In today’s climate arts organisations need to find new ways of working and find solutions to the changing cultural and economic climate. We hope to expand on our current working practices and find ways to collectively deal with these changes and find solutions that could be applied to the broader community.


A blog detailing activities can be found here

This project had been funded by Creative Scotland

Johanna Basford Exhibition Promo Video

Johanna Basford is one of the UK’s top contemporary illustrators, working traditionally in pen and ink. For her first exhibition in Dundee Contemporary Arts Fleet Collective were commissioned to produce a short video ident for online promotion and also for use in the Cinema within the Arts Centre.


Produced by Bonnie Brae Productions.


DCA Cinema Ident

Dundee Contemporary Arts approached Fleet Collective asked them to produce an ident for their cinema. DCA promotes the development and exhibition of contemporary art and culture through providing opportunities for artists to create, and for audiences to engage with an active, varied and high-quality cultural life for the people of Dundee, Scotland and beyond.


The film, which is updated on a regular basis, plays before each showing in their cinema, and has been used for online advertising.


Produced by Bonnie Brae Productions.


Time & The Conways

Trailer for a Dundee Rep & Edinburgh Lyceum Theatre play.


Time and the Conways was written in 1937 and illustrated JW Dunne’s Theory of Time. Alongside the better-known An Inspector Calls, Time and the Conways is part of Priestley’s series of ‘Time Plays’ that toyed with different concepts and theories of time, and is widely regarded as the best of this series.


Original music & visual effects combine to make an intriguing video.


Produced by Bonnie Brae Productions.


DCA Discovery Film Festival

This short promo captures the excitement of Dundee Contemporary Arts Discovery Film Festival, Scotland’s International Film Festival for Young Audiences.


Discovery Film Festival is now in its 9th year. Based at Dundee Contemporary Arts, and touring to partner venues throughout Scotland, the festival screens films from all over the world which have been specially programmed for young audiences.


Produced by Bonnie Brae Productions this promo short helps promote this exciting event.


NEoN (North East of North)

Working along side many city stakeholders Fleet Collective has been instrumental in the growth and development of the NEoN Digital Arts Festival.


NEoN first came to life through Interactive Tayside in 2009. The festival was designed to promote the area’s (the north east of north, Scotland) digital media activity. A partnership of private, public and academic sectors, the team worked together to deliver ‘NEoN09’, a national and international festival of digital media arts, with a focus on moving image, music and information technologies. The festival offered a host of activities and events including talks, performances, screenings and other special events in some fantastic venues across Tayside.


The 2009 festival was created to inspire studio developers, be they artists or programmers. From the latest production techniques to new business models, the programme of this new festival expanded the notion of art, information communication, media production, games communities and brought the individuals from these sectors together to collaborate.


NEoN has grown to be a to be a 7-day international festival of media arts. It has hosted international exhibitions, performances, interactive installations and roadshow fringe events…including a party in the car park at Greenmarket multi-storey.




Image: 100,000 Lux a fusion of science, visual art and sound design.


Law Hill

Super Special Limited, hand-cast and hand-painted, 5″ high polyresin character by Akinori Oishi and Creo Design for Fleet Collective.


Without doubt favourite thing ever! We worked super hard over 12 months to bring something just a little bit special to NEoN 11. We collaborated with NEoN 10 star Akinori Oishi to develop his take on Dundee’s famous Law into a super limited edition piece of art in a box.


Standing at 5″ high it certainly makes an impact, we hope you agree when you see it that we have created something truly unique.




Visitors to NEoN digital arts festival 2012 in Dundee had the opportunity to navigate their way around the city in an exciting new way, thanks to augmented reality app “Bombaze” created exclusively for the festival by visual artist Jaygo Bloom.


Have your say on the designing of digital interactions for the city of Dundee!


Download BOMBAZE now from the app store and look out for the unique game-tags spotted around the city to play the game.





Choose at random from animated solutions selected by a panel of industry experts in the field of gameplay and interaction design, but beware! You only get 6 chances, after that you get BOMBAZED!


After making your choice, visit the BOMBAZE game map and see what other players selected, alternatively explore the world of 3D cartoon characters introduced to you through the game and accessible from the BOMBAZE gallery long after the festival events are over.


Remember to visit all the locations and keep an extra look out for 5 SECRET LOCATIONS dotted at RANDOM around the city!


This commission was funded by Creative Scotland in collaboration with Jaygo Bloom, development agency ‘Me and the Giants’, with hand drawn illustrations by Dr Simpo.



On at Fife

After seeing the DCA Cinema Ident work On at Fife approached Fleet to create a video ident that represented the range of offerings their four theatres have.


ON at Fife currently operate four major venues, as well as staging a diverse range of events around Fife. They create brand new work with some of Scotland’s best contemporary theatre companies, artists and performers, as well as providing a crucial role in supporting local arts organisations and groups.


The film now plays before each of their cinema screenings and highlights their diverse programme.


Produced by Bonnie Brae Productions



Yolo are a London based online retailer supplying creatives with transfer papers and equipment to allow them to create their own professional printed products.


Established in 2007, Yolo came to Fleet Collective to get a rebrand of it’s identity and website to make it more friendlier and bring it inline with it’s creative customers ambitions. Yolo wanted to inspire their customers and move away from just exhibiting the products for sale and bring the focus more onto what could be achieved with the product.


We helped Yolo to re-brand and develop a new identity that would be carried across all it’s print and online media as well as creating more streamlined and pictorial instruction sheets to aim customers with applying the products.