Fleet Members

Fleet Collective provides affordable studio space and works on multi disciplinary creative projects. Members of the collective are free to grow as individuals whilst Fleet seeks the collaborative opportunities. We put together teams that go beyond the ordinary and everyday, with fresh ideas and winning perspectives. We proactively develop partnerships and alliances that can be shared across the collective.

Fleet members are chosen for their individual skills and creativity – and for the breadth and quality they bring to the collective.

  • KM Architect

  • wideopenspace

  • Bonnie Brae

  • Cavan Convery

  • Kirsty Maguire Architect is an independent architecture practice and passive house consultancy. We work with private and corporate Clients to create beautiful and practical buildings that perform well, are low energy and environmentally responsible.


  • wideopenspace is a communication design practice offering creative expertise in the areas of web design, web development and design for print. Strategy and planning are incorporated into everything we do whilst maintaining creative flair, insight and integrity.


  • Bonnie Brae Productions is Ed Broughton & Nikki Steel, who both have over ten years video production experience under their belts. Having worked for the BBC & a variety of production companies on both corporate and broadcast programmes, Nikki and Ed set up independently in 2010.


  • Cavan is an Exhibition Designer who has worked on a large number of permanent and temporary exhibitions in museums and galleries throughout the UK. He designs exhibition elements from museum display cases to mechanical hands-on interactives and also creates information graphics and illustrations.


    In 2015 he designed three of the National Galleries of Scotland’s summer shows. Working closely with curators and conservators he helped plan hanging arrangements of artworks and designed and installed graphics and display furniture for the David Bailey, Jean-Etienne Liotard and Picasso & Lee Miller exhibitions.



  • Amy Capes

  • Tom De Majo

  • Patter PR

  • Michael Romilly

  • Science writer, content writer, and editor. I provide expert research, editing, writing, and proofreading services for a wide range of subjects. My specialist areas are technical scientific editing, English as a second language manuscripts, and popular science writing.

  • An independent digital and sound artist, making fun, beautiful and unique experiential games.



  • Patter PR is a small Public Relations agency that’s big on experience. We represent brands and businesses keen to tell their stories. We have great contacts in the media and though we do say it ourselves we’re very good at what we do. We’re also very nice to work with which helps. 


  • Michael is a data-driven marketer interested in the commercialisation of mobile software. Having founded some startup companies in Dundee (all of which still trade profitably and employ a bunch of people) Michael is now working as a digital marketing/lead gen consultant and developing a new mobile technology platform.

  • Sooper DD

  • Kitchen Press

  • Terminal Pixel

  • Ice Beam

  • Lyall Bruce is a designer who works on projects from identity design through to mobile app and web site layouts. Lyall is also the co-founder of Fleet Collective and NEoN Digital Arts Festival and is also a director of Creative Dundee



  • Kitchen Press is an award-winning independent publisher specialising in food writing. We work with independent restaurants and chefs to create bespoke illustrated cookbooks that capture the flavours that make them unique.


  • I am a Dundee based Scottish web designer and developer.

    I create thoroughly modern websites using the latest and greatest technologies. I believe that everything I build should be accessible on every device imaginable, including future ones.


  • Ice Beam’s M.O. is to create small and focused games targeting the core and hardcore indie gaming market. Our aim is to craft deep play experiences that reward learning complex emergent systems created through smart game design choices, wrapped inside a visually appealing aesthetic that carried with it a very specific and memorable tone.


    The company is run by Tom Goodchild. Tom has over 12 years of experience in the games industry, working on eight published titles and lead designer of four, including Codemasters reboot of the Micro Machines series and two MotoGP titles. Tom is extremely passionate about video game design, with a keen interest in keeping up to date with the latest design trends, extensively reading game design theory and learning through extensive play of other products allows him to innovate in the game design space. Tom Goodchild is available in a design consultancy capacity.



  • Clare Cooper

  • Stuart Cockburn

  • Pulse North

  • moovii

  • Clare is an independent producer working primarily with arts and culture. Most recently co-founder and co-director of Mission Models Money (MMM), she is currently co-producing Cateran’s Common Wealth and The Art of Living Dangerously with Donna Holford-Lovell and others. She’s also interested in and knows quite a lot about developing and managing networks and raising money. 


    In addition to her work with arts and culture she is also co-founder and co-director of The Home Straight and co-proprietor of Vanora’s Cottages



  • Stuart Cockburn is a freelance typesetter and graphic designer of books, documents and other artwork. With an interest in ethical design, Stuart will turn his hand to most creative challenges (especially if there’s typography involved).


  • Pulse North is a small – but dedicated – Graphic Design and Web Development business, run by Stuart Lindsay.


  • We animate, we design, we produce, we direct, we film, we collaborate, we mix it all together and we create exciting, memorable and unique work. 


    We keep our ideas fresh; we evolve and grow with every project we undertake no matter how big or how small.