The beginning, the journey, the future

After 4 years of procrastination and 6 months of hard graft Fleet Collective opened its doors in Dundee.

The idea was to create a co-working space that brought together freelancers, researchers, and businesses. We had affordable and flexible desk space for hire and great ambitions to reform the way freelancers worked with the city. The idea was to foster a collaborative environment where creative folk could work on their own or work with others on larger projects that would not normally be available to freelancers. Also a place to share ideas, share resources and provide support.

People came from a host of disciplines from art, design, games design, web development, and communications to architecture, curation, publishing, and film-making. We’ve also had a chemist, a biologist and even an accountant.

Over the past seven years, Fleet has established itself as an important creative hub in Dundee, and our model as a collective has been commended and internationally recognised. However things are changing and its time to move on. Donna Holford-Lovell, one of Fleets founders, talks to Creative Chit Chat about the beginning, the journey and the future.

A New Dundee Creative Podcast lanches

Creative Chit Chat DundeeFleet member Ryan McLeod has just launched a brand new Dundee based podcast called Creative Chit Chat. It aims to showcase the amazing creative talent in the city while digging a little deeper into the stories behind creative practice.

“It’s a series of informal conversations with creative people who are either working in and around Dundee or have ties to the city. The aim of this project is not to create polished interviews with high production values, it’s to have open, relaxed and honest conversations with brilliant people.

My aim is to explore people’s stories of how they got started, their process, their struggles and their opinions on Dundee and how it’s changing. I’m hoping that this is the start of something long term so the podcast becomes a resource of meaningful and insightful content. I’d love it to inspire the creative community and encourage young creatives. Although the podcast will primarily be focused on Dundee, it’s an opportunity to showcase the great people that live and work here to the rest of the world.”

In the first episode he chats to artist Stanza, who is exhibiting at this week’s Neon Festival in Dundee. You can find out more and listen to the podcast on the website:

You can also follow on Twitter and Instagram for information on upcoming guests.


Gallery 48

In April of 2016, Fleet resident Stuart Lindsay who runs Pulse North, was commissioned by Bon Viveur Group to develop a website for their new space “Gallery 48”. Located at 48 Westport Dundee, Gallery 48 acts as a contemporary exhibition space which provides exposure for new artists to present their work in a warm, inviting and conversation-promoting environment and – although the art is the centre piece – food and drink is also provided in the form of Spanish Wines and Gin as well as a mouth-watering Tapas menu.

Gallery 48 Website

The website was designed and developed to present the space to new visitors, as well as providing news regarding upcoming events, exhibitions and highlighted artists. In addition to the website, business cards, menus and invitations were also provided as bespoke print products in what is an ongoing development of the Gallery 48 brand image.

Gallery 48 Drinks Menu

You can take a look at the brand new website here

Fleet’s Gareth is Scottish & UK Champion!

Gareth Christie balances out digital work at Fleet, by playing an old-school analogue game as part of a local club in Dundee. And sometimes, in national and international competitions too.

In April, Gareth and his Dundee United Table Football Club team mates took part in the UK and Ireland Team Championships over two days. Unbeaten after 10 games, the team claimed the title, topping off a successful season, with Gareth already having won the Scottish Championships in March.

The game, known as Sports Table Football, spawned from the tabletop classic, Subbuteo, and has a worldwide following through it’s amateur community WASPA and the International Federation FISTF.

Gareth has flicked little plastic men since 1988, and through his business, FlickForKicks, he champions the social and tactile aspect of playing the game with friends, face-to-face.

Fleet Collective- Gareth Christie UK Table Football Champion

He told us it’s an incredibly addictive, highly skilful, fast-paced, quick-thinking, game.

We told him he’s not winning any cool points for that.

You can find out more about what he’s up to, including something special for the upcoming Euro 2016 Championships in France, by following FlickForKicks on Twitter.