Slurpp is a little creative company specialising in designing beautiful things like websites, apps, branding, print work or something a little different. Slurpp also offer up a bunch of workshops and resources to teach design skills and give young designers and creatives a helping hand.

Momo & Sprits

Momo & Sprits is a talented and fun-loving little illustration studio dedicated to creating whimsical graphics and characters brimming with personality!

Their work is inspired by retro cartoons and video games and consists of flat and colourful shapes. All of their work shares the same overall goal; to induce a smile on people’s faces!

Rory Gianni

Rory Gianni is a software developer who builds web and mobile applications. He often works with start-up companies helping them take their ideas from concept to reality. Rory also runs courses on development and is an active member of the Cleanweb movement.

Read more about Rory here

Amy Capes

Science writer, content writer, and editor. I provide expert research, editing, writing, and proofreading services for a wide range of subjects. My specialist areas are technical scientific editing, English as a second language manuscripts, and popular science writing.