About Us

Fleet Collective, Chambers East, Panmure Street, Dundee

Fleet Collective was a creative playground full of talented people making awesome things, sometimes on their own and sometimes as a group.

We were a creative co-working space that brought together freelancers, researchers, and businesses. Our members work in a host of disciplines, from art, design, games design, web development, and communications to architecture, curation, publishing, and film-making. We provide affordable, flexible work space , and manage multidisciplinary creative projects.

Based in Dundee, the collective provided direct access to the cultural creativity, digital expertise, and enterprising outlook for which the city is famous. Fleet Collective provided clients from across the UK and overseas with instant access to this source of talent.

Over the past seven years, Fleet had established itself as an important creative hub in Dundee, and our model as a collective has been commended and internationally recognised. We were a community interest company, and all profits fed back into the collective to grow facilities and resources. We were (and still are) committed to the arts, and passionate about using them to make the world a better place.

Simply put, Fleet Collective aimed to

Rent – as a creative co-working space, we have desk space suitable for freelancers and small businesses of all kinds.

Represent – we actively promote the work of individual members seeking clients, exhibition opportunities, and commissions.

Pitch – we proactively seek work that the collective can deliver together, and thanks to the wide range of skills in the collective, we can provide creative solutions to suit clients of all sizes.


Our Space

Our Space