The beginning, the journey, the future

After 4 years of procrastination and 6 months of hard graft Fleet Collective opened its doors in Dundee.

The idea was to create a co-working space that brought together freelancers, researchers, and businesses. We had affordable and flexible desk space for hire and great ambitions to reform the way freelancers worked with the city. The idea was to foster a collaborative environment where creative folk could work on their own or work with others on larger projects that would not normally be available to freelancers. Also a place to share ideas, share resources and provide support.

People came from a host of disciplines from art, design, games design, web development, and communications to architecture, curation, publishing, and film-making. We’ve also had a chemist, a biologist and even an accountant.

Over the past seven years, Fleet has established itself as an important creative hub in Dundee, and our model as a collective has been commended and internationally recognised. However things are changing and its time to move on. Donna Holford-Lovell, one of Fleets founders, talks to Creative Chit Chat about the beginning, the journey and the future.