Smash it out – A whole new kind of internship from Slurpp

Ryan McLeod who runs Slurpp, is starting a new and exciting kind of internship, called ‘Smash It Out’. It starts on the 13th of June and here’s a little more about it:

“Slurpp is taking on it’s very first intern in the form of Interaction Design Graduate Rich Cahill. Unfortunately he’s not staying in Dundee but is off to London to work with IDEO after the summer. But before he heads down South he’s coming in to do a weeks paid internship. A week doesn’t sound like a lot of time but this isn’t any normal internship. We’re going to start on the Monday with absolutely nothing and then by the Friday afternoon we’re going to launch something!”

“It’s about time the format of internships and apprenticeships got shook up. This format focuses you in on a single goal under a bit of time pressure and forces you to make decisions and progress quickly. It’s not about producing a fully polished finished product. It’s about stepping through the design process quickly to go from idea to design to prototype to something to share with the world. Neither of us have any idea what that’ll be or look like but that’s all part of the fun. We’ll be documenting the process all week on twitter and on the Slurpp blog keep an eye out from the 13th of June.”

For more details you can read the full article about the internship programme here.