Fleet’s Gareth is Scottish & UK Champion!

Gareth Christie balances out digital work at Fleet, by playing an old-school analogue game as part of a local club in Dundee. And sometimes, in national and international competitions too.

In April, Gareth and his Dundee United Table Football Club team mates took part in the UK and Ireland Team Championships over two days. Unbeaten after 10 games, the team claimed the title, topping off a successful season, with Gareth already having won the Scottish Championships in March.

The game, known as Sports Table Football, spawned from the tabletop classic, Subbuteo, and has a worldwide following through it’s amateur community WASPA and the International Federation FISTF.

Gareth has flicked little plastic men since 1988, and through his business, FlickForKicks, he champions the social and tactile aspect of playing the game with friends, face-to-face.

Fleet Collective- Gareth Christie UK Table Football Champion

He told us it’s an incredibly addictive, highly skilful, fast-paced, quick-thinking, game.

We told him he’s not winning any cool points for that.

You can find out more about what he’s up to, including something special for the upcoming Euro 2016 Championships in France, by following FlickForKicks on Twitter.