Dundee Design Festival

Dundee Design Festival has a brand new look. Created by Fleet Collective, the inspiration for the pattern design and colour palette was taken from Dundee’s skyline and industrial sized printing warehouse where the Dundee Design Festival takes place in May.

Dundee often gets represented very literally in design – we wanted to create an abstract design for the city from the viewpoint of the building where the festival will be based at West Ward Works. We wanted to make something that would work across scale and be a base for experimentation leading up to and during the festival – something that people could explore in different ways.

The colour palette was based around the 4 colour process used for printing and references what the building was used for in the past – a printing warehouse for DC Thomson Publishing.

The idea came along when I was inside the festival venue looking out of the massive windows at all of the different shapes that make up the cityscape. Without being too literal about it the shapes are representative of the history of Dundee but the pixels and digital design are a good representation of Dundee as it is today. The pattern is very specific to Dundee but even more specific to the building that the festival is taking place in.” said Designer, Lyall Bruce of Fleet Collective.

The festival runs over four days between 25th – 28th May and will include a large scale exhibition, talks, demonstrations and events. For more information you can visit the amazing website created by two other Fleeple: Ryan McLeod ( and Grant Richmond ( visit