Islands in the Stream

Fleet Collective is all about collaboration between members. This happens daily with folk in Fleet seeking design or tech advice from each other, or by complementing each other’s skills on particular projects.

Sometimes Fleet members will put their heads together and come up with something new. Something that wouldn’t have existed without having an open, sharing, supportive and collaborative environment to work in.

Since the start of the year, Fleet Collective members Bonnie Brae Productions and Mat Ploski have been working together to pool their video production skills to create a new live streaming service called Stream Scotland.

Combining their years of expertise in filming live events with new live editing tech and 4G capabilities, Stream Scotland are able to stream live events globally with multiple camera angles – just like what you might see on the telly – and have everything recorded and put online for archiving and future reference.

The next event is Creative Dundee’s Pecha Kucha night on Thursday 25th February. The event is sold out but you can watch it here from 19.30hrs on the day here

This Pecha Kucha also has Fleet Collective member Grant Richmond speaking.

Ed Broughton commented “Everything’s global these days, the idea of not attending something because of geographic location is a thing of the past. This set up can help with any accessibility issues an event or conference may have too.”

Mat Ploski said “It’s amazing what you can do with a multitude of cables and black boxes.”


You can find out more at