Helping Scotland’s forests

Long term Fleet member Bonnie Brae Productions has been working with Forestry Commission Scotland to highlight the importance of our woods and forests, including awareness raising for their “Woods In & Around Towns” wellbeing and accessibility programme.

Scotland’s forests and woodlands are a vital natural asset. If they’re looked after well, they bring huge benefits for Scotland’s economy, people and environment. That’s where the Forestry Commission come in. Their core purpose is to deliver multiple benefits by promoting the sustainable management of trees, woods and forests across Scotland.

Bonnie Brea’s new film helps promote the Woodlands in and Around Towns (WIAT) programme, which is tackling the barriers people face to visiting and benefitting from woodlands regularly. The programme focuses on the location, accessibility and management of urban woodlands, to encourage more use from local people.

The second film is part of the Commissions ‘Keep it Clean‘ campaign.

Forests are at risk from tree pests and diseases. These can dramatically affect the health of trees, upsetting the delicate ecosystem balance and devastating large areas of woodland. Pests and diseases hitch a ride in mud and debris on shoes, paws and tyres, ending up in new forests. Here, they can spread rapidly in environments with no natural resilience.

Excellent work on helping to preserve our woodlands now and for future generations!