Fleet member Tom DeMajo has produced Other, the first ever game from the National Theatre of Scotland. 

Dare you play Other? Launched today the game supports the UK premiere stage production of Let the Right One In, the cult vampire book and screenplay. Quartic Llama has worked in partnership with the National Theatre of Scotland to develop Other, a free alternate reality sound game for iPhone. Other takes players on a horror journey around the streets of Dundee featuring puzzles, stories, surprises and spine-tingling, sinister audi.

Starting at Dundee Rep Theatre and using the iPhone’s satellite tracking, the game guides players around the city – and unlocks shocks and surprises when you reach key locations…

Other is free to download for iPhone and available now on the Apple App Store here

Other creative director Philippa Tomlin said: “The National Theatre of Scotland is really excited to be working with such a brilliant and talented games company to make our first ever game.

“Other has brought together a wide range of people from the communities of Dundee who have told us their stories, given us their time and wanted to be a part of the project. Dundee is rich in stories and these have inspired and influenced this wonderfully dark and eerie game.”

Mal Abbas from Quartic Llama said: “Quartic Llama is keen to push the boundaries of what a game experience is, and creating an alternate reality take on theatre with the National Theatre of Scotland has been a perfect project.

“It’s been great to work with a partner organisation that is so open minded to creating new experiences, and working closely with community groups has given us an extra dimension to Other and our game design process.

“With its rich history and architecture, Dundee is the perfect location for a horror-themed alternate reality game. We can’t wait to hear what people think of playing Other.”

The Other game has been created through a community-based project involving writing groups and noise workshops across Dundee.

The workshops have been taking place since April and have included the Eh! Write – Community Writing Group and St John’s Roman Catholic High School. Many of the sounds and stories generated in these workshops have shaped and been used as integral parts of the game.

Other is inspired by, and created to support, Let the Right One In, a stage adaptation by Jack Thorne based on the Swedish novel and film by John Ajvide Lindqvist.