A collaborative approach to finding sustainable solutions for the creative community.

This project is an open dialogue facilitated by Fleet Collective to understand the city’s creative community, its micro ecologies and its complex fragility.  In the context of Fleet and using it as a live participant the projects starting point will be to ask how a collective fits into the city’s creative system and what’s its value to it.


  • How does a collective serve the creative community?
  • How does a collective formulate its roll within the city’s new cultural vision?
  • Where can collectives fit, influence and feed into the city’s creative ecology?


This questioning approach can be applied to other creative providers, consumers and facilitators to open the debate about what’s working and what isn’t.

In today’s climate arts organisations need to find new ways of working and find solutions to the changing cultural and economic climate. We hope to expand on our current working practices and find ways to collectively deal with these changes and find solutions that could be applied to the broader community.

A blog detailing activities can be found here 

This project had been funded by Creative Scotland.