Working along side many city stakeholders Fleet Collective has been instrumental in the growth and development of the NEoN Digital Arts Festival.

NEoN first came to life through Interactive Tayside in 2009. The festival was designed to promote the area’s (the north east of north, Scotland) digital media activity. A partnership of private, public and academic sectors, the team worked together to deliver ‘NEoN09’, a national and international festival of digital media arts, with a focus on moving image, music and information technologies. The festival offered a host of activities and events including talks, performances, screenings and other special events in some fantastic venues across Tayside.

The 2009 festival was created to inspire studio developers, be they artists or programmers. From the latest production techniques to new business models, the programme of this new festival expanded the notion of art, information communication, media production, games communities and brought the individuals from these sectors together to collaborate.

NEoN has grown to be a to be a 7-day international festival of media arts. It has hosted international exhibitions, performances, interactive installations and roadshow fringe events…including a party in the car park at Greenmarket multi-storey.

Image: 100,000 Lux a fusion of science, visual art and sound design.