Visitors to NEoN digital arts festival 2012 in Dundee had the opportunity to navigate their way around the city in an exciting new way, thanks to augmented reality app “Bombaze” created exclusively for the festival by visual artist Jaygo Bloom.

Have your say on the designing of digital interactions for the city of Dundee!

Download BOMBAZE now from the app store and look out for the unique game-tags spotted around the city to play the game.



Choose at random from animated solutions selected by a panel of industry experts in the field of gameplay and interaction design, but beware! You only get 6 chances, after that you get BOMBAZED!

After making your choice, visit the BOMBAZE game map and see what other players selected, alternatively explore the world of 3D cartoon characters introduced to you through the game and accessible from the BOMBAZE gallery long after the festival events are over.

Remember to visit all the locations and keep an extra look out for 5 SECRET LOCATIONS dotted at RANDOM around the city!

This commission was funded by Creative Scotland in collaboration with Jaygo Bloom, development agency ‘Me and the Giants’, with hand drawn illustrations by Dr Simpo.